Substance abuse is becoming more and more prevalent these days and the shocking part is that it is affecting a younger and younger age group. Even though there is so much on television and on the radio and even in schools that tells children how drugs can ruin your life, cause those who love you heartache and even kill you, the numbers continue to grow.

I am not sure what it is that drives youngsters to follow this dangerous path; perhaps peer pressure, the stresses of life as a teen or even not so nice conditions at home. Whatever it is these youngsters need to know that there are other options.

What isn’t really understood by all is that drugs aren’t necessarily the illegal substances that are bought suspiciously on street corners or in alleys; drugs can be as common as tobacco cigarettes or alcohol. Anything that alters your mood has chemical affects on your brain. Prescription medication is another culprit. Yes, taken in the prescribed dosages by a registered practitioner they have wonderful results but stepping over the line could lead to addiction and disaster.

Many children grow up with some sort of addiction right under their own roofs. Perhaps alcohol is commonplace or cigarettes are used regularly by the parents and it is what the child deems as normal. I am not saying that anyone who has a drink or a casual cigarette is a drug addict, everything in moderation is fine but the problem lies in the fact that moderation is not a word many understand.

If you fear that someone you love has a problem with drugs, regardless of the drug try to get them to accept help. Yes, they may defy you at first but keep persisting. Coax them to take online substance abuse classes f they are too embarrassed to see someone in person. Help them through this difficult period while they are coached by professionals. Nobody likes to admit they have a problem but once they do their whole outlook on life will change.