Let’s call this medical journal note; scrubs for all occasion. But don’t you worry, it won’t be like the old days, back when you were a child and you had to check in for an op that required you to stay in a ward with other noisy kids, well, those who were well enough to holler anyhow, for an entire week, missing your mom and pop all the while. One of the things you missed the most during your stay in hospital was your own regular bath.

This may have been because of those early morning hospital baths you dreaded. Long before the cock could even dream of crowing, the matron had already rolled up her chubby sleeves and run you a scalding hot bath. And then what did she do? She scrubbed you, bristles and all. She believed she was being thorough but all she was doing was bring more water to those kids’ eyes. But don’t you worry, gone are those days.

You must have sensed this after your first child was born. Depending on your size, you eagerly pulled on a pair of short or tall scrubs pants so you could quickly pop into the nursery to see how she was doing while your wife could get her well deserved rest. In later years perhaps, both you and your kids may need an op. It does not have to be serious, just necessary, just to be on the safe side as the good doctor always says.

And don’t you worry; she won’t have to stay in for an entire week like you did. While comfortably attired in her colorful floral scrubs, she’ll only be in for an overnight stay anyhow.